This is a story I’ve been wanting to do ever since I saw Gamine Eyewear’s shades. They are all totally round and I thought – when you put them on, aren’t you totally eclipsing the sun?
So I ran to Radioshack, got some LED diodes and round batteries to make the model’s eyes into a light source. I glued it on to her eyelids with eyelash glue. Then, for the space mood, I got a blacklight and glow in the dark makeup.
Big thank you to Elena Kibalchich, who let me do this shoot for her brand.
Nature Photography
A series of photographs taken in 2016 in Ecuador and The Washington Coast
Nail Notes
A synesthesia project for Le Vernis Chanel.
Pedigree Pup-letes
Pedigree Pup-letes Soccer and Basketball
25ºC is an ode to the temperature that welcomes spring.
Cross The Line | Adidas
Shot in Panorama mode for Adidas.
Worspit The Illest
Promo photos for rapper Wordspit the Illest.
It Takes A Thief
The Alfa Romeo Giulia will steal your heart.
A Portrait Of Music
Photo taken for Nick Knight’s Photography Mastered class for Oyster Magazine Opportunity.
Keep Walking
Never ending posters for Johnnie Walker.
Holiday Editorial for Z!NK Magazine
Back Up to Raina's Brain.