It Takes A Thief

We were tasked to make a spot for the launch of the Alfa Romeo Giulia.
This is the story of a man who steals an Ames Stradivarius. While he’s at it, he also steals the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia as an escape vehicle. Even though he’s enamored with the car, he has to torch it to destroy evidence. Our antihero takes the musical relic to a buyer. With the payment in hands, he goes to an Alfa Romeo Showroom to buy the perfect escape vehicle.
SUPER: It will steal your heart.
Drunk Valet
Don’t let a drunk driver take your car.
A Portrait Of Music
Photo taken for Nick Knight’s Photography Mastered class for Oyster Magazine Opportunity.
Worspit The Illest
Promo photos for rapper Wordspit the Illest.
25ºC is an ode to the temperature that welcomes spring.
Low Cunning | THE TEENAGE
Pedigree Pup-letes
Pedigree Pup-letes Soccer and Basketball
Gamine Eyewear can totally block out the sun with their round shades.
Launching Maria Sharapova’s candy line.
Cross The Line | Adidas
Shot in Panorama mode for Adidas.
Keep Walking
Never ending posters for Johnnie Walker.
Back Up to Raina's Brain.