The 2013 Young Lions brief was to create a print ad that made people call their congressmen and demand the end of poverty for ONE, a charity organization.
Gamine Eyewear can totally block out the sun with their round shades.
Low Cunning | THE TEENAGE
Start Better
Refreshing the Clinique brand.
Launching Maria Sharapova’s candy line.
It Takes A Thief
The Alfa Romeo Giulia will steal your heart.
Cross The Line | Adidas
Shot in Panorama mode for Adidas.
Holiday Editorial for Z!NK Magazine
Drunk Valet
Don’t let a drunk driver take your car.
A Portrait Of Music
Photo taken for Nick Knight’s Photography Mastered class for Oyster Magazine Opportunity.
Nature Photography
A series of photographs taken in 2016 in Ecuador and The Washington Coast
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