The 2013 Young Lions brief was to create a print ad that made people call their congressmen and demand the end of poverty for ONE, a charity organization.
Get Lost In New Orleans
Posters incentivizing tourism to New Orleans.
Launching Maria Sharapova’s candy line.
Logo Work
Variety of Logo Designs
More Fun In Your Life
Infusing color and playfulness into Del Rey Shopping Mall.
Follow Your NOLA
Putting the City of New Orleans back on the map.
A Portrait Of Light
Erika Mugglin, photographer, on the other side of the lens. Taken for Nick Knight’s Photography Mastered class.
Low Cunning | THE TEENAGE
Nature Photography
A series of photographs taken in 2016 in Ecuador and The Washington Coast
Gamine Eyewear can totally block out the sun with their round shades.
Climb every mountain with Jeep.
Back Up to Raina's Brain.