Pedigree Puppy Food helps pups grow strong, like athletes. Better yet, like Pup-letes! In these short, fun spots, a demanding coach puts the puppies through a strenuous, strict training program – whatever it takes to be a Pedigree Pup-lete.

Agency: BBDO NY
ECD: Greg Ketchum, Tom Godici

CD: Greg Gerstner, Banks Noel
Art: Raina Rocha
Copy: Steve Schroth
Production: Annie Dietz
Director: Baker Smith
Editor: Ned Borgman
Never ending posters for Johnnie Walker.
Drunk Valet
A sticky reminder before your first drink at Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz.
Follow Your NOLA
Putting the City of New Orleans back on the map.
Small Things Big Impact
Little heroes are saving energy at ExxonMobil.
Knowing Into Doing
Launching SAP Leonardo, The Digital Innovation System
Movie Land
OOH for United Airlines Personal Device Entertainment
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