A Portrait Of Music

During Nick Knight’s Photography Mastered class, I was given a brief
by Oyster Magazine to emulate romance in one single shot. 
I’m a sucker for all things simple, so a shadow was all I needed to pepper in the mood for love.
The shadow was not done in post production.
I had a soft box at a low angle from the back and I held the iPhone’s flashlight up to the model’s face who was
standing next to the camera. The iPhone’s small light source is great for casting hard shadows. 
Hope you enjoy!
SAP Leonardo
Launching SAP Leonardo, the live business platform.
Pedigree Pup-letes
Pedigree Pup-letes Soccer and Basketball
A Portrait Of Light
Erika Mugglin, photographer, on the other side of the lens. Taken for Nick Knight’s Photography Mastered class.
Gamine Eyewear can totally block out the sun with their round shades.
Nail Notes
A synesthesia project for Le Vernis Chanel.
Cross The Line | Adidas
Shot in Panorama mode for Adidas.
Friendly Fire
Anual Pillow Fight in São Paulo
Follow Your NOLA
Putting the City of New Orleans back on the map.
Keep Walking
Never ending posters for Johnnie Walker.
Drunk Valet
Don’t let a drunk driver take your car.
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