Worspit The Illest

When i saw Wordspit The Illest performing at the Knitting Factory, he was rapping about his conflict with religion. At that very moment, a red stage light shone on him and the shadow from his arm created a red stripe across his chest, reminding me of the iconic Jesus image. We got together and made this shoot happen. I’m very proud that i was also able to pull off a barbed wire crown of thorns.
25ºC is an ode to the temperature that welcomes spring.
It Takes A Thief
The Alfa Romeo Giulia will steal your heart.
Launching Maria Sharapova’s candy line.
A print ad for One.Org
Low Cunning | THE TEENAGE
Drunk Valet
Don’t let a drunk driver take your car.
Keep Walking
Never ending posters for Johnnie Walker.
Cross The Line | Adidas
Shot in Panorama mode for Adidas.
Start Better
Refreshing the Clinique brand.
Pedigree Pup-letes
Pedigree Pup-letes Soccer and Basketball
Back Up to Raina's Brain.