Isabelle Simi kept SIMI Winery growing since she inherited it in 1904, helping it thrive in the face of prohibition, opening the first tasting room in Sonoma, at a time when women didn't have jobs. She was a boss, in the purest sense of the word. However, even with all the progress we've made, support for working women’s success has often meant calling out their gender: girl boss, women-owned, female-founded. ​​​​​​​
So in 2022, driving differentiation meant condemning unnecessary gender qualifiers. The “Bring Out that Boss” campaign suggests we drop the labels, empowering women to be seen on their own terms and not be defined by anyone else’s. The campaign drove a successful 1.3% increase in sales.
VMLA | Made in 2022
Director: Nina Meredith | DP: Brian Henderson | Editor: Laura Hoffenberg | Photographer: Talia Green 
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