Chosen Foods, a brand that makes avocado-based cooking oils and condiments, wanted to increase its brand awareness. Our strategic mission was to make Chosen Foods synonymous with avocado oil by establishing the brand as an avocado icon. 

I led the creative team that output a high volume of culturally relevant content across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Meta, and Pinterest. In 4 months between Q3 and Q4 of 2022, the brand's following increased from 343 to 230K on TikTok. There was a 2% lift in action intent paired with a 7.1% lift in familiarity on TikTok, with a similar trend on Meta with a 3.3% lift in action intent. Due to the versatility and high quality of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil, some executions led up to a successful New Year social campaign called “It’s not magic, it's Avocado Oil”. 

Digiday wrote about our unorthodox approach to the brand's marketing success (click on the image to be directed to the article).
Here is some of my favorite content inspired by culturally relevant moments that helped increase brand awareness and led up to the New Year campaign.
VMLA | Made in 2022
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